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Has it been forever yet?
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

!Short Story!:
Ovulation Detector

!Long story!: Last semester in my anatomy class during a duscussion concerning the female reproductive system the issue of contraceptive was adressed. After a nearly unanimous agreement that "The Pill" or "The Patch" is very detrimental to women, one of the girls in the class told us about the thing that she was using called "The Lens". I remember trying to find out more about it on the internet, but not being able to.
Recently I was thinking about how many of us and our friends are doing crazy stuff like,....getting married and,....having babies!! Well I thought I'd look it up again to see if I could find it. Sure enough I did! Dr. Mercola's Neato Website sells it for about $30. If you decide to buy it or look into it here's a discounted one ($20) plus a ton of reviews. Baby Center . It has mixed reviews, but alot of them seem to be user error. Use your best judgement.
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

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Monday, February 07, 2005

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

1. Understand that God anoints you for trouble. Be sure you are a Christian. Put on the armor of God before going to work.

2. Don't expect to be appreciated. Your only expectation should be to get a paycheck. Don't come to work to have personal relationships. Don't allow what you do to affect who you are.

3. Do your job well, but remember your mission. God put you there to be a light.

4. Seek opportunities to change the atmosphere without commenting on the problems. You have a God to talk to. You're on an assignment. In quietness and competence shall be your strength.

5. Don't let your environment get inside of you. You should influence it, not let it influence you. Stop going to work to be fed- you didn't come to receive, you came to give.

6. Increase your capacity to work with different personalities. God will often bless you through people you don't even like!

7. Remember where you are does not define where you are going. This will deliver you from frustration. God has a plan for your life. Keep your eye on the prize. When Peter did this, he was able to walk in what other people sank in!

8. Get the optimum results with minimal confusion. Be effective without making the environment worse.

9. Don't be associated with one group or clique. Labels limit your usefulness. God wants you to work with everybody but be labeled by nobody. Use all your gifts.

10. Always keep your song near you. Keep a consecrated place in your soul. Hold on to your praise.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I posted pictures a while ago

I'm currently doing research on a concept which many believe will replace our current method of escaping our atmosphere (rocket propulsion) and it's many correlations to the Word. The idea was first introduced around 1895 by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Later popularized by Arthur C. Clark in his book "The Fountains of Paradise" it's a technological concept that may be over 4000 years old.

To achieve a height lofty enough to break free from gravity, while still being tethered to the Earth is the goal of what is being called the space elevator. In theory one end of a super strong
carbon nanotube would be anchored to the earth while the other end would be attached to a large mass that is held in a geostationary orbit. This setup would allow for a type of trolley car to run up and down carrying loads from the earth to the orbiting Station.

I'm still looking into biblical and extra-biblical references to weigh the odds if this or something similar has once happened in history.

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Steadfast Posting
Sunday, November 21, 2004

My blog will be changed around some time in the near future. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find time to write and subjects that I want to write about.
...So in an effort to keep your interest and my own I'm going to shift around my blog to contain less randomness and person things, and focus more on a certain subject. This way I can try to set aside a bit of time, do some research, and post what I find. I'm not sure what the subject is, but since the passing of SinisterZ's site, and the laughable failure of Truthjunkies, I figure I'll try my hand in the information gig.
...I'll try to focus on the bible and current events as a whole, but we all know that politics is tied in very closely with both. It'll be controversial and a bit outrageous at times, but would you expect anything less of me?

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Back In Black
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well it's almost black. Yeah it's been a while since I posted. There's a lot going on and some of it is blog worthy. The thing is that I've got a new job so I haven't been able to post from work, and I usually don't feeling like doing it from my apartment. I went ahead and put on this funky picture that I saw around Halloween. It fit the return to the darkside and I thought that the vulture on his shoulder was pulchritudinous.
Right now I'm visiting Kane at school (in the computer lab) and we're about to head back to his place and grab something to eat so I'll have to finish this in a little bit.......More tonight.

Nov. 12th "Tonight" has come and gone and I didn't post. Here I am two nights later finally attempting to make good on my prior commitment. My work hours have been shifting around a bit and they'll probably change again some time in the near future. I don't mind it too much though because I'll need them to stay flexible so that I can work them around my up coming college courses.
...My current ambition is to get my associates degree as a cardiac sonographer. Basically I'd use a machine to convert a reflected sound wave in to a visual picture . I know some of ya'll out there are probably thinking,...Josh, why on earth would you want to do that? Well there's a three part answer to that question. 1) It's one of the highest paying most in demand jobs that I can get with a 2 year degree. 2) After a few years of experience I can transform my knowledge into my own business. 3) It will allow me to further my knowledge of the human body, specifically the heart, which I am finding more and more interesting.
...I realize that the entire medical field is corrupted and has knowingly claimed the wealth, happiness, sanity and lives of millions of people. The problem lies not in the diagnosis, but in the correction. If someone takes a picture of a homeless man can he be blamed as a contributor to his poverty? No. The problem, beside his own foolishness, is the ones who tell him it is okay to go into debt and to squander what God has given him. Likewise the problem for sick people lies in their head and the one who tells them to not change their lifestyle, but to take this or that drug to alleviate the pain and cover the symptoms.
...Is it possible to be righteous and have dealings with corruption? Is it possible to be rich and trade within a system based upon debt? I certainly hope so for my sake

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